With our location in South Florida, many people are looking to enjoy their outdoor areas but are not sure what to use in terms of hardscape. Pavers are a great choice when looking to improve your pool deck, driveway, patio and walkways. Whether it is a pool deck, patio or driveway, it is important to have the right material selected and installed properly. 
In terms of pavers, there are various types, styles, patterns and colors.  Many of our customers rely on our expertise to guide them through the selection process of obtaining the best possible choice for their home. Recently, many homeowners are choosing to go with one of the best natural stones on the market, Travertine. This stone has become the favorite for pool decks, walkways, patios and even driveways given its natural stone characteristics, appearance and durability.  With different grades and colors, we always favor travertine when advising material. Other choices include concrete pavers, brick pavers, marble and porcelain pavers. When you hire JMJ Landscape to install your pavers, you will not only get a quality product but outstanding service with a one-year workmanship warranty.  

Paver Material Choices 

  • Travertine-this material is not only a pleasure to install for our clients but amazing to work with in the field.  Found in the mines of Turkey, it is a natural stone with deep color tones and veins that intertwine with one another. The fact of it being a natural stone gives it more durability than a man made paver.   Travertine is the perfect choice for pool decks and patios with its tiny holes and almost "coral like" look. Whether sealed or a natural look, you will not have to worry about it being slippery.
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  • Tumbled Marble-an absolute showstopper finish as far as material.  This fairly new material is being installed throughout South Florida in high end custom homes as well as remodels. Similar to travertine, marble gives a natural look appearance with less tones. With marble, you also have the choice of sandblasted, giving it an abrasive grip while soft on your feet. 
  • Brick Pavers-one thing you can say with brick pavers is that they are widely used for various aspects of hardscape construction. They are typically the favorite application for driveways due to their strength holding up great to vehicle traffic. Even thought they have a much more plain look, they still give you a great appearance. 
Harvest Blend
The Installation Process
Once we have approval from our client, the phase of demolition and installation begins. Often times we are able to do a sand overlay over an existing pool deck or walkway if it is in good shape. Typically for driveways, we believe in starting fresh. We remove existing concrete slab or existing material, grade and prep area. We then bring in DOT rock base to allow for the strongest base possible. This is then followed up by paver sand that is compacted and lastly the pavers.
Various patterns of stone are used with pavers.  Whether it is a 6x12 herringbone on a driveway, french pattern travertine on a pool deck or running bone brick paver walkway, our goal is to let everything flow together with ease.

Important Steps for Paver Installation

  • Strong sub base below

  • Remove all tree roots and add root barrier if needed

  • Precision leveling and cuts

  • 1/8" pitch away from home to allow for proper drainage

  • Attention to detail