Tiki Huts

Tiki Huts are probably one of the coolest outdoor living features you could add to an outdoor living space. Providing a superb amount of shade, a Florida tiki hut is great place to escape in the summer head.  Many people do not realize but the temperature from outside to inside the tiki can be 20 degrees cooler. Adding some fans and a misting system will be an absolute dream setting.
Living in South Florida, we all have to worry about storms.  The way our tiki huts are built from years of native Seminole Indians hold up tremendously well in hurricanes.  Typically, our clients will get 7-10 years out of the life of their thatch roof before having to replace it.
Why Use JMJ Landscape for Tiki Huts?:
  • Larger base poles (telephone poles)
  • A large ridge line pole that mitigates the bowing affect
  • Stained wood to allow a longer life of material
  • Wrapping to give a more exclusive and native look
  • The best quality fronds and material from Big Cypress
  • Quick installation with minimal disruption